Drum Kit

Pearl BCX Masters 5 piece kit in Lava Bubinga

Snare - 14" x 5.5"

14" x 6.5" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

Toms - 10" x 8"

             12" x 9"

              16" x 16"

Bass Drum - 22" x 18"


8" Paiste Signature Splash
10" Paiste Signature Splash
14" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats
17" Paiste Alpha Brilliant Rock Crash
18" Paiste Signature Full Crash
18" Paiste PST5 China (With 12" Stagg SH Splash stacked on top)

22" Paiste Signature Dark Energy Ride Mark II
20" Paiste 2002 Power Ride

Recording Equipment


i5 Snare Microphone

2x D2 Dynamic Tom Microphones

D4 Dynamic Floor Tom Microphone

D6 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

2x ADX51 Studio Condenser Microphones

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820 Interface


Pearl and Mapex Cymbal and Hi Hat Stands
Pearl D-930 Stool
Pearl Demon Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal



Pro Mark


Remo Emperors, Ambassadors and Powerstroke III


Pearl Elite Rock 8" Cowbell

Meinl Luis Conte Live Shaker

Pearl Ash Tone Woodblock

Meinl Studio Chimes

Pearl 10" Triangle

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Dorking, Surrey, UK

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