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Studio and Recording Sessions

If you want to record with Dave, he can either travel to a studio of your choice or record your songs in his home studio, mixing options are available for the latter.


Through his involvement with Mark The Skyline, Far Suns Fall and a variety of other musicians, Dave has a large amount of studio experience and is proficient with working to a click.

To enquire about session work with Dave, please use the contact section.

Remote Recording

Live Sessions

Energy and solidity are the most important fundamental aspects of live drumming, this is something that Dave strongly believes. If you want to perform with a professional, reliable and energetic drummer, then don't hesitate to get in touch and let's put on a show together.

Dave can record from his home studio with his professional home recording setup using Audix microphones running into Logic Pro X. The process is made as pain free as possible so you can trust that Dave will play a solid, musically appropriate drum track to your song. There is even the option for mixing and video at extra costs, this takes time out of your hands and gives you promotion ready for your release. 

If you have any enquiries or would like to request a quote then please get in touch below, Dave would be happy to help!


Recording: Welcome
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